All Your Office Supplies!

Not getting as many hits as you want? Advertising at All Your Office Supplies is an inexpensive way to advertise your site to thousands of people.

We offer three advertising options:

  • $5 per 1000 exposures for a standard sized banner. (468 x 60 pixels)
  • $4 per 1000 exposures for a square banner. (approximately 110 x 110 pixels)
  • 20 cents per click on banners or text links. Our text links do not look like ads, so people tend to click on them much more often!
There is a minimum purchase of $250.

To sign up for advertising please fill out the form below. An advertising representative will contact you as soon as possible.

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standard sized banner (468x 60 pixels)
square banner (approximately 110 x 110 pixels)
Pay-per-click option (may include regular banners, square banners, and/or text ads)

  I would like you to create a banner for me for an additional $50.

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